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    LED direct injection potting JX-8002AB
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    Release date:2017-08-11 13:08:24
    LED JX-800A / 2 epoxy resin, is the main agent JX-800A-2 and curing agent WL-800B-2 two parts, the main component of low viscosity epoxy resin (Epoxy Resin), help And anhydrides (Anhydride).
    First, the characteristics:
    · Mixing viscosity is low, good defoaming.
    · At room temperature can be used for long (pot life), the temperature curing fast.
    · The cured product has excellent mechanical strength, electrical characteristics and high temperature resistance.
    · The cured product has a uniform light transmittance and does not change color.
    Second, the appearance and characteristics:


    Main agent JX-800A-2

    Hardener JX-800B-2

    Colour Light blue transparent liquid

    Colorless transparent liquid

    Viscosity 40℃



    Proportion 25℃



    Flash point



    Retention period



    Third, the mixing ratio: 100: 100 (weight ratio)
    Four, the mixture viscosity: 25 ℃ 650 ~ 900cps
    Five, can be used: 25 ℃ not less than 4 hours
    6, curing time: short grill: 125 ℃ × 40 ~ 60 minutes long roast: 120 ℃ × 6 ~ 8 hours or 130 ℃ × 6 hours
    Seven, after curing characteristics:
    Volume resistance 25 ℃ ohm-cm 6.4X1015
    Surface resistance 25 ℃ ohm 2.8X1015
    Withstanding voltage 25 ℃ KV ≥25
    Dielectric constant MHZ ≤4.0
    Bending strength MPa> 9.0
    Impact strength KJ / m2> 22.0
    Water absorption% ≤ 0.25
    Hardness SHORE D ≥80
    Glass transition temperature 125 ± 5
    Linear expansion coefficient cm / cm / ° C 6.0 × 10-5
    8, the use of information:
    1. The main agent JX-800A-2 and curing agent JX-800B-2 by mixing that slowly react, so that the viscosity gradually higher, so be sure to use the time to use, so as not to be too high viscosity and can not be used The After filling the mold, please enter the baking, so as to avoid surface moisture absorption caused by slow dry and crisp.
    2. The main agent JX-800A-2 can be heated to reduce the viscosity to facilitate defoaming after mixing, but the temperature is too high will shorten the usable time (the best preheating temperature of 60 ℃).
    3. When the colorant is placed for a long period of time, it will precipitate out, so use it before heating at 90 ℃ ~ 100 ℃ for 30 ~ 50 minutes and stir even before use. Red easier to dissolve, about 80 ℃ can be heated. Yellow and green more difficult to dissolve, please in the 110 ~ 120 heated to completely transparent, so as not to cause precipitation in the plastic caused by uneven color phenomenon.
    4. glue the deployment of a good time or not into the plastic bucket there are still remaining, please sealed with plastic bags, so as not to surface moisture absorption, resulting in poor product quality phenomenon.
    5. Do not touch the skin or eyes. Please wash your skin with soap and water. When you touch your eyes, rinse with water and ask your doctor for treatment.
    6. This product is containing release agent, so when used without the need to spray mold release agent. If the mold release agent, stripping effect is better, but pay attention to excessive, so as not to affect the surface transparency.

    The above performance data is a typical data measured in a laboratory environment at a temperature of 25 ° C and a humidity of 70%. It is only for the customer's reference and does not guarantee all the data that can be reached in a particular environment. When the actual data is accurate.

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